Adiyaman is famous for its folk songs, folk dancers and tombs. Different kinds of meatballs such as "cig kofte, icli kofte, mercimekli kofte" and hitap (stuffed hot pie) are special local foods in Adiyaman.



267,131 (2021)


Dr. Suleyman KILINC

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Adiyaman is a city in southeastern Turkey. It is the administrative centre of Adiyaman Province and Adiyaman District. Its population is 267,131 (2021). The inhabitants of the city are mostly Kurdish.

The city was one of the worst affected by the February 2023 Turkey-Syria earthquakes. Many buildings were destroyed and many lives were lost in part because bad weather and damage to the transport infrastructure delayed the arrival of rescue teams.

Data and Facts

In 2020, the GDP of Adiyaman was 5.2 billion Turkish liras (approximately $635 million USD). The per capita income in Adiyaman was 21,638 Turkish liras (approximately $2,640 USD) in 2020. 

The agricultural sector is the main contributor to Adiyaman's GDP, followed by industry and services. The industrial sector in Adiyaman is relatively small, with the manufacturing, construction, and textile industries being the most prominent. Adiyaman's location on a major transportation route between eastern and western Turkey has made it an important hub for trade, contributing to the local economy. 

The tourism sector also contributes to Adiyaman's economy, as the city is home to several historical and cultural landmarks, including Mount Nemrut National Park, which is a UNESCO World Heritage site. Small businesses play an essential role in Adiyaman's economy, with many people owning their own businesses or working in family-run enterprises. 

The COVID-19 pandemic had a significant impact on Adiyaman's economy, with a decline in GDP growth in 2020 compared to previous years


The city has a complex administrative structure, with several levels of government responsible for providing services and governing the local population:

Municipal Government: The Adiyaman Municipality is responsible for providing essential services to the city's residents, including waste management, infrastructure maintenance, and transportation. The Mayor of Adiyaman is elected by popular vote and serves as the head of the municipality. 

Provincial Government: Adiyaman is the capital city of Adiyaman Province, which is governed by a Provincial Governor appointed by the central government in Ankara. The Provincial Governor is responsible for overseeing the province's administration, including managing its finances, providing public services, and enforcing the law. 

Central Government: The central government in Ankara is responsible for setting national policies and providing funding for local governments across Turkey. The central government also oversees the provision of services such as healthcare, education, and social welfare.

District Governments: Adiyaman is divided into six districts, each of which has its own district governor appointed by the Provincial Governor. The district governments are responsible for providing services to the residents of their districts, including infrastructure development, public safety, and social welfare programs. 

Village and Neighborhood Councils: Adiyaman's rural areas and neighbourhoods within the city are governed by elected councils. These councils are responsible for providing local services such as water and sanitation, maintaining public spaces, and organizing community events.


The city of Adiyaman, located in southeastern Turkey, has a diverse and rapidly growing economy. As the capital of the Adiyaman Province, the city plays a significant role in the region's economic development. 

Agriculture: Agriculture is the primary economic activity in Adiyaman. The region is known for its production of pistachios, olives, and grapes, which are exported to other countries. Other important crops grown in the area include wheat, barley, and cotton.

Industry: Adiyaman has a rapidly growing industrial sector, with several manufacturing companies operating in the city. The textile industry is particularly important, with many factories producing clothes and other textile products for both domestic and international markets. Other industries in the city include food processing, construction materials, and furniture production.

Services: The services sector in Adiyaman is also growing, with the tourism industry playing a significant role. The city is home to several historical and cultural attractions, including the ancient city of Perre and the Adiyaman Museum. Additionally, the city has a thriving retail sector, with many shops and markets selling local products and goods.

Transportation: Adiyaman's location on the border of Syria and Iraq makes it an important transportation hub. The city is connected to major highways and has a regional airport that offers flights to other cities in Turkey.

Energy: Adiyaman has significant energy resources, including several natural gas fields and a hydroelectric power plant. These resources provide employment opportunities for local residents and contribute to the city's overall economic growth.


Transportation: Adiyaman has a well-developed transportation infrastructure that includes major highways, bus terminals, and a regional airport. The city is located on the border of Syria and Iraq, making it an important transportation hub for the region. The Adiyaman Airport offers flights to several cities in Turkey, including Istanbul and Ankara, and the city's bus terminal provides regular bus services to other cities and towns in the province.

Energy: Adiyaman has significant energy resources, including several natural gas fields and a hydroelectric power plant. The city's energy infrastructure is well-developed, with power lines and substations that ensure a reliable electricity supply for residents and businesses.

Water and sanitation: The Adiyaman Municipality has invested in a modern water supply system that provides clean drinking water to residents. The city also has a well-developed sewerage system that ensures proper sanitation for residents and helps to prevent water pollution.

Communication: The city of Adiyaman has a well-developed communication infrastructure that includes mobile phone coverage and high-speed internet access. This infrastructure supports local businesses and enables residents to stay connected with friends and family around the world. 

Public services: The Adiyaman Municipality provides a range of public services to residents, including waste collection and disposal, street cleaning, and maintenance of public spaces. The city also has several hospitals and medical centres that provide healthcare services to residents.

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